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The Australian summer can get very hot indeed and the winters can also get pretty chilly. That is why most homes and businesses rely on an HVAC system to keep the indoor climate feeling pleasant. However, if you don't understand how to get the most out of the HVAC system, you could be missing out. This blog is designed to provide you with some top tips which will ensure you understand how your HVAC system works and how to configure and maintain it. While none of us is a professional contractor, we are all keen amateurs who love to research and write about this subject.



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Heating and Cooling System Installation Tips for Your Senior Loved One's Home

As retired individuals, seniors spend a lot of time indoors. Thus, they rely heavily on heating and air conditioning systems. Finding the right system can maximise indoor comfort throughout the year. The right system should operate optimally without suffering regular breakdowns and malfunctions. As you install a heating and cooling system for your senior loved ones, here are a few tips to consider.

Choose a ductless system

Ductless heating and cooling systems have many benefits over their ducted counterparts. They are easy to install and have no ductwork, making them an ideal choice for existing construction. Ductless systems are also low-maintenance. The absence of ductwork means you don't have to deal with duct cleaning, sealing and other cumbersome tasks. All you need to do is clean and change the air filter regularly, and your loved ones can enjoy quality indoor air all year round.

Zone the system

Seniors spend time in different rooms throughout the day. These rooms have varying heating and cooling needs. For example, during the summer afternoons, they may require a well-conditioned living room and kitchen. At night, they need AC in the bedrooms. This is the same case with heating in the winter months. A zoned system allows you to regulate temperatures in specific rooms. 

Zoning means you can heat or cool the living rooms during the day and turn off the air in the bedrooms. This feature saves energy and contributes to overall comfort. During the cold winter nights, your loved ones can crank up the heat in the bedroom without running the air handlers in the living areas.

Invest in smart thermostats

Seniors with mobility issues may have a hard time walking to the thermostat to adjust the temperatures. Simplify this task by investing in smart thermostats. These are controlled using a remote control device or smartphone. Thus, at the touch of a button, your loved one can adjust the air in specific rooms without leaving their seat.

Smart thermostats also have programmable features. If the senior has a hard time adjusting the system, you can program it for them. A programmed thermostat can turn on the AC or heat at specific times and switch off individual indoor air handlers. These smart features are not only convenient, but they also reduce energy consumption.

Set up a maintenance schedule 

Seniors may be unable to keep up with proper HVAC maintenance. To optimise system performance, set up a maintenance schedule with your HVAC contractor. The schedule should include routine cleanings, filter changes, inspections, repairs and system testing. A schedule can extend the durability of the system and lower repair costs. It also eliminates the hazards associated with poorly-maintained HVAC systems.

Observe these tips when setting up a heating and cooling system for your senior loved ones.