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The Australian summer can get very hot indeed and the winters can also get pretty chilly. That is why most homes and businesses rely on an HVAC system to keep the indoor climate feeling pleasant. However, if you don't understand how to get the most out of the HVAC system, you could be missing out. This blog is designed to provide you with some top tips which will ensure you understand how your HVAC system works and how to configure and maintain it. While none of us is a professional contractor, we are all keen amateurs who love to research and write about this subject.



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Understanding Your Air Conditioning Installation Options

Your air conditioning works hard to make life in your home more comfortable. Thanks to advances in technology, you have more choice than ever when it comes to air conditioning installation options. By understanding more about what's available, you can choose the best system for your home.

Wall-mounted Units

Wall-mounted units are amongst the most popular, and they're usually quite fast to install. Their fast installation period contributes towards them being cheap too. Modern units tend to be quite energy efficient, which means you can look forward to low operating costs.

Many modern wall-mounted units are also aesthetically pleasing, so you don't need to worry about them compromising the way your property looks. By choosing a unit with a sleek design, you may even complement your existing decor.

Ceiling-Mounted Units

When you don't have much wall space or you worry that your new unit will disturb your property's aesthetic, consider a ceiling-mounted unit instead. Such units have excellent air distribution, which means they have the power to cool properties better than other types.

If ceiling-mounted doesn't work for you, consider floor-level air conditioning as an option. Floor-level units can replace one of your radiators, which means you don't need to compromise too much space for one. They still distribute air evenly and can usually cool the air without using water.

Ducted Units

When you're looking for an air conditioning installation option that's discreet, don't overlook the power of a ducted unit. They're versatile enough to work in both residential and commercial settings. Additionally, they're powerful enough to cool the air rapidly and bring the temperature in your building to a comfortable level.

Ducted units usually benefit from a high installation point and it's easy to conceal them using something else. As a result, they're ideal when you don't want your unit to be visible at all.

Multi-Split Systems

A lot of air conditioning installations depend on you having an outdoor unit. If you're using multiple units throughout your home, this could mean using multiple units outside. One way to overcome this problem is by using a multi-split system.

Multi-split systems allow you to have multiple units throughout your house, with only one unit outside. They help you avoid using too much outdoor space, while still allowing you to keep your property cool.

No matter which type of air conditioning installation you choose, always make sure you turn to a team of professionals. If you're unsure what will work best, always seek expert advice.