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Why Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Is a Splendid Option for Homeowners

Are you in the market for an air conditioning unit for your home? Whether you are installing the unit in a newly built or existing home, it is important to choose an appliance that will serve you well. 

With the many different kinds of air conditioners available to choose from, making the right choice can be a daunting task. If you're considering installing a ducted reverse cycle AC system, then you should know the benefits you stand to gain before making a final purchase decision.

Check out some of the great advantages associated with ducted reverse cycle systems below. 

1. Suitable for Whole-House Cooling

Are you looking to optimise temperatures within multiple rooms without having to run multiple AC equipment? A ducted reverse cycle model is the perfect solution to your needs. This type of air conditioner relies on a series of ducts and vents to deliver conditioned air to different areas of the home. The best part is that it can be 'zoned' to optimise temperatures in each room.

2. Doubles as a Cooling and Heating Unit

Standard air conditioners are designed to achieve cooler, more comfortable room temperatures during the hot months. This means that homeowners should have a separate appliance to keep them warm when cold weather sets in.

Ducted reverse cycle units eliminate the need to invest in a separate appliance for space-heating. During the cold season, you only need to switch to heating mode to warm up your living space.

3. Inconspicuously Installed 

In residential applications where aesthetics is a major concern, ducted reverse-cycle AC units work perfectly. The ducts that supply conditioned air into your living space are out of sight as they run in the walls and ceilings of the house. 

The only visible part of the air conditioning system is the vents that allow air from the system to enter a room. This means there will be no eyesores hanging from your windows or walls to provide you with the comfortable temperatures you desire inside your abode.

With a ducted reverse-cycle unit, you can enjoy reliable and efficient temperature-control service without sacrificing the aesthetics of your home interior.

A ducted reverse cycle AC system offers the benefits of both the ducted and reverse-cycle variants. If the above-highlighted benefits appeal to you, then you should consider installing one. Talk to an HVAC contractor near you about your needs and the cost of ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning.