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The Australian summer can get very hot indeed and the winters can also get pretty chilly. That is why most homes and businesses rely on an HVAC system to keep the indoor climate feeling pleasant. However, if you don't understand how to get the most out of the HVAC system, you could be missing out. This blog is designed to provide you with some top tips which will ensure you understand how your HVAC system works and how to configure and maintain it. While none of us is a professional contractor, we are all keen amateurs who love to research and write about this subject.



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Top Benefits of Installing Rounded Air Ducts

Most homeowners admit that they never give the shape of air ducts a second thought during the installation of a ducted air conditioning system. While homeowners know that air ducts come in different forms, they may not understand why. In fact, few homeowners understand the role of air ducts in a ducted AC system's optimal performance. While rectangular and square air ducts perform well, rounded air ducts offer the most benefits. This article highlights the top benefits of round air ducts.

Less Noise

A home is a sanctuary since it provides a conducive environment for relaxing and unwinding. It might explain why homeowners go to great lengths to keep their house as quiet as possible, for example, by installing noise-proofing features. However, such efforts account for nothing if you install square or rectangular air ducts for your air conditioning system. As air flows inside rectangular ducts, the sharp corners create turbulence and lead to noise. However, the absence of sharp corners in round ducts eliminates turbulence and allows air to flow smoothly. Noise is the last thing you will think about after installing round ducts.

Efficient Air Flow

Airflow is a critical factor determining the efficiency of a ducted air conditioning system. For instance, turbulence affects efficient airflow, and this is precisely what happens in angular air ducts. Notably, air turbulence is high in air conditioning ducts with sharp corners, and this forces the central AC unit to work harder to overcome resistance and push air through. Conversely, rounded AC ducts allow efficient movement of air because the smooth turns eliminate high-pressure points. Consequently, an air conditioning system uses less energy, which translates to reduced energy bills. Therefore, if you are trying to keep your energy bills low, you cannot go wrong with rounded air conditioning ducts.

Ease of Installation

Installation of an air conditioning system is not a walk in the park, and most HVAC contractors will charge according to the requirements of a particular project. For instance, the installation of square and rectangle AC ducts is mostly done on ceilings with irregular turns. A contractor has to join several ducts to accommodate a bend, taking significant time and space. However, irregular bends and obstacles in a ceiling do not pose a problem for round air ducts. Circular ducts can easily accommodate bends, thereby making installation much easier and cheaper. Therefore, DIY enthusiasts can install round AC ducts.

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